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How to restore your pendrive to factory settings on Windows 8 using diskpart

Diskpart is a windows application to restore pen drive to factory settings.Diskpart can recover original pen drive size. Many time i lose my pendrive actual capacity. I had created hackintosh , OpenSUSE bootable using image writer. Everything gone fine , but when i plug it on openSUSE and Windows 8 , I saw only 4 MB or 200 MB on….

How to check whether your system support UEFI or not

UEFI is a new technology ( not new )  alternate to BIOS. It has lot of advantages than BIOS. BIOS is a old one and UEFI is a new one. We heard many questions when Microsoft release Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. If you have Windows machine , you can easily find whether your system support UEFI or not. Why….

How to Install and Configure LAMP on Ubuntu 13.04/13.10/14.04

LAMP means – Linux – Apache – MySQL – PHP. LAMP installation is a bit difficult on Ubuntu and other Linux Operating Systems. If you know the usage of Terminal you can install LAMP very easily. LAMP installation require 4-5 steps in Ubuntu. 1. Apache 2 installation2. PHP 5 installation 3. MySQL Installation4. PHPmyadmin installation5. PHPmyadmin configurationLAMP installationLAMP on Ubuntu….