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Free port 80 on Windows 10 and Higher

I built an AMD system a few days ago, I used the same SSD which I used in the previous system. Initially, I had issues on Windows reactivation on the new device, I called Microsoft support and they advise to reinstall Windows 8.1, then upgrade to Windows 10. After that, i tried to reinstall everything. Ammps is now my favorite PHP….

How to Install Ghost – the blogging platform on Windows 8 / Windows 7

Ghost is the newest addition to the CMS world. Unlike WordPress or Joomla, Ghost is based on Node.js. Node.js is the newest trend in Web applications. It a Javascript framework that will overtake PHP,JSP and ASP in next few years. Node.js is faster than almost every competitors. Javascript is a platform independent language, it works on Windows , Mac and….

Free word to pdf converter/Editor for Windows

PDF files are very very important for students and teachers. Most of the syllabus’s and books are available in pdf format..PDF files are very difficult to edit and can be used in any platforms. Different types of word processor’s are available in the market , for Windows , Ubuntu and mac. Our word files will lose it’s alignments and format’s….