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How to Install PHP 7, LAMP on Linux Mint and Ubuntu

PHP is a very popular language among web developers. WordPress, Drupal and so many popular CMSs and Frameworks run on PHP or LAMP. Every hosting providers provide LAMP or PHP support on shared hosting, and we know that Shared hosting are very cheap, this will make users to consider PHP based CMS and Frameworks than any other emerging languages, but….

How to install Java 8 on Ubuntu 14.04

Java JDK 8 , Java JDK 1.8 , is an essential development kit for Computer programming. It required for many programming language and IDKs. For example, If you are a PHP developer and you need PHPStorm , a great tool for PHP, required JDK. In this tutorial we write about Java 8 installation steps. Windows users can download JDK from….

How to Install and Configure LAMP on Ubuntu 13.04/13.10/14.04

LAMP means – Linux – Apache – MySQL – PHP. LAMP installation is a bit difficult on Ubuntu and other Linux Operating Systems. If you know the usage of Terminal you can install LAMP very easily. LAMP installation require 4-5 steps in Ubuntu. 1. Apache 2 installation2. PHP 5 installation 3. MySQL Installation4. PHPmyadmin installation5. PHPmyadmin configurationLAMP installationLAMP on Ubuntu….

How to Install Latest Oracle JDK on Ubuntu

Java is one of the necessary software for almost all Operating System. Some Operating Systems like Mac ( older versions ) come with Java Runtime Environment ( JRE) and Java Development Kit ( JDK) . It is a  must have software for Java developers , Android programmers etc… If you are not a developer or programmer , you need JRE to….

Drawers: Organize the Unity Dock on Ubuntu 12.10/12.04

Drawer is a new and Interesting application for Ubuntu/Linux Mint/Linux users.It is a funny software.What it  a “Drawer”?  You may have Tables in your Home ,each one have many Drawer’s ,you can store anything like Game CD’s,Files,Book in Drawer’s. Same way , Drawer is a software that can store Videos,Files,Musics,Text files,PDF’s  anything on your Unity Launcher.It create a shortcut for….

Best Torrent Downloader’s for Ubuntu/Linux Mint

We all might have heard of torrents which are really helpful to us in many ways ,thoguh its illegal.We can download Software , Movies ,games etc. without any cost.If torrents weren’t present 80% of the computers would be running on linux..Torrents increase the popularity of Windows and paid software’s.There are a number of software are available on Windows and Mac,but in Ubuntu/Linux….