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[ How to ] Recover Deleted files from Hard Disk or Pendrive / Recover files from a Formatted Hard Disk or Pendrive

There are lots of chances to delete files from your computer accidentally. In my life I face this many times. It may due our carelessness. The same way there is a chance to get format our Pen drive even though it contains some valuable information. Deleted files can be found in Recycle bin , but if you delete files by pressing Shift+ Delete ,….

Best free FTP clients

FTP clients are very necessary for bloggers and website owners.It is an essential software for WordPress installation ,Websites and online apps.Many Softwares are available for File Transmission ,but the best and fully featured softwares can increase our productive time by making everything easy. Making everything easy means ,page editing and uploading will be easier in these softwares. .Here are some free FTP clients….

How to repair your Broken Boot menu

Booting is one of the important process happen in our computer during start up. It shows installed operating systems as a list. If we have multiple os say Ubuntu and Windows , Ubuntu ‘s grub boot menu will over write Windows boot loader. When we uninstall Ubuntu , it’s grub menu will go and we won’t get Windows boot loader…..

15 Best Desktop/Screen recorder for Windows

Desktop recorder are essential for all bloggers , it will help us to make Tutorials and some How to videos’s .To make good videos we need good software’s. Some Desktop recorder’s are free but they didn’t have enough features. For example some free desktop recorder’s didn’t has Zoom /Pan options. Zoom option will help to zoom some important parts.It will….

How to Reduce File Size

There are many ways to reduce file sizes. This process of course may differ depending on the type of file that needs to be reduced and the available software to do so. This is because reducing a file may be done with making changes in the individual file or through compression. Reducing a file’s size requires compressing the file. Compression….

How to compress png image files upto 90%

PNG – Portable Network Graphics – is a high Quality format for Images.PNG is the output for most of the screen capture softwares. One of the problem with png format is it large size , Windows Snipping tools , Ubuntu screen shots default output is PNG,  but size is bigger , but we can reduce size with PNGGauntlet.PNGGauntlet is a….

Best Free Photo Editing Software’s for Windows

Photo Editing is a hobby  for some peoples ,but major software’s like Adobe Phtoshop,Corel draw are not free.You can download torrents file,but it may contain virus or it may be old version.There are lot of free software’s are available ,and  doesn’t need any knowledge about  plugins and effects,All plugins and effects are inbuilt and only few clicks are needed to….

Advanced utility ensuring complete Outlook mailbox recovery, following PST corruption

Advanced utility ensuring complete Outlook mailbox recovery, following severe PST corruptionMicrosoft Outlook is a widely used mail client, which comes within Microsoft Office suite and works as a personal information manager. Outlook stores emails, contacts, journals, notes, calendar entries etc in a special type of file with .pst extension (PST file or Personal Storage Table file). Whatever, you see in….

Inventive Features of Enterprise Software Engineering

Inventive Features of Enterprise Software Engineering Enterprise Software Engineering refers to the involvement of the developers as well as the complete process of developing the Enterprise Software. The Enterprise Software Engineering services are provided by:• BMC Software – A large scale reputed multinational company that specializes in Business Service Management Software. Its short term abbreviation is BSM.• SAP AG –….