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How to Install PHP 7, LAMP on Linux Mint and Ubuntu

PHP is a very popular language among web developers. WordPress, Drupal and so many popular CMSs and Frameworks run on PHP or LAMP. Every hosting providers provide LAMP or PHP support on shared hosting, and we know that Shared hosting are very cheap, this will make users to consider PHP based CMS and Frameworks than any other emerging languages, but….

5 Best Operating System for your Netbook

Netbook are laying between Notebook and Tablet. Tablet is some what different from Notebook and Netbook.  Nevertheless new Tablets have almost same power as Netbook. Most of Netbook has 1.6GHz or below 2 GHz processor power. 1.6 or 1.8 GHz are more common. Selecting an OS   must satisfy it’s power other wise it work badly. If you buy a Windows….

How to repair your Broken Boot menu

Booting is one of the important process happen in our computer during start up. It shows installed operating systems as a list. If we have multiple os say Ubuntu and Windows , Ubuntu ‘s grub boot menu will over write Windows boot loader. When we uninstall Ubuntu , it’s grub menu will go and we won’t get Windows boot loader…..