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Ways to Stay Organized and Make Your Life Easier

As a blogger you know how easy it is to lose track of things. In your computer and on your desk and even in your home there is always something getting lost. One way to minimize the search time you put in every day is to keep things organized. You may think that would take a lot of money or….

Creative Business Tactics of Facebook and Google Plus

Some businessmen are always wondering which marketing satieties are best for their business. Is Google plus right for their business or Facebook? It is important to have at least one. Let us discuss the best option for you… In the summer of 2010 Google started social Media website to compete with Facebook. Now you will find 800 million Facebook users….

How to Add Facebook Popup Like Box in Blogger blogs

Blogger is one of the oldest platform for bloggers but now WordPress handle big shares than blogspot.Many of professional bloggers migrate to WordPress for more controls and options.Wordpress blogs are hosted in dedicated servers so users have more control over there blogs.Thousand of beautiful themes and plugins are available on WordPress when we come to blogger this number is limited.One….