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The Most Reliable Blogging Tools of Modern Times

The World Wide Web is ideally dominated by blogs all of varied features but ensure that the different online ventures are more than just facilitated. Each of the varied blogs tends to have their own topics of choice with some containing just all the information that an online user may be in need of. They are therefore majorly considered as….

Creative Business Tactics of Facebook and Google Plus

Some businessmen are always wondering which marketing satieties are best for their business. Is Google plus right for their business or Facebook? It is important to have at least one. Let us discuss the best option for you… In the summer of 2010 Google started social Media website to compete with Facebook. Now you will find 800 million Facebook users….

5 Steps that Will Make your Site More Visible in Google SERP

What is Google SERP?SERP refers to the Search Engine Results Page which enlists the web pages offered by any search engine in response to the user’s query of keywords. The SERP will usually contain the list of websites, the bold keywords and a short description where the keywords have matched to the query. SERP consist of three major components in….

3 Ways to Funnel Targeted Audience to Your Blog

                            3 Ways to Funnel Targeted Audience to Your Blog  Getting traffic to a blog has never been more crucial, as traffic is now going to define the level of success a blog will achieve. Traffic can help you increase the reputation and authority of your blog, and without these factors, a blog has a very slim chance of achieving….

The Importance of Effective Website Usability

Website usability is defined by how easily a customer, client, or prospective convert can maneuver within the site. It relates to making your visitors feel comfortable, relaxed, and in a frame of mind that results in a sell. Five principles outline the successful model of website usability: Present a common user interface. Take the hint from standard computer software. Menus….

Tips for making your blog easier to navigate

Tips for making your blog easier to navigate No matter whether it’s a human or a robot visiting your site, nothing will turn traffic away quite like a poorly designed site. This isn’t necessarily in reference to visual design — robots won’t care much about that, though humans will. It refers to ease of navigation. Part of a webmaster’s job….