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The Fundamental Computer Security Measures

Computer safety is a skill, not a talent that comes naturally to some people. From the day you purchased your own computer, you accepted the responsibility of caring for it and doing whatever you can to keep it in shape. This kind of perspective does not make you over sentimental; rather it shows that you are aware of the benefits….

5 light weight Antivirus software for your old computer

 Antivirus software is an important part of your computer. We have been hearing thousand of hacking news daily. Hacker attacks are not only on home users but also on large corporations and Governments . If you want to make your system clean and secure you need to install a good antivirus software in your PC..Now a days an Antivirus along….

How Monitoring Your Children’s Online Activities Will Benefit You

Nowadays many parents don’t believe in putting a strong monitory eye on what their kids do, especially when it comes to the internet. But the fact remains that, more dangers lie in leaving young ones aloneto themselves with a computer that is equipped with the internet. Without necessarily telling, we all know how much the internet is infested with harmful things like….