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How to Install Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 x86 on your Computer

Android … Now a days this name is very familiar word  in the world. It is a great Operating System for Mobile phone and Tablets. Android also available in some netbooks. Android Operating System developed for ARM chips for example NVidia Tegra , SnapDragon S4 etc… It also works on Intel Atom processors. If you don’t have any Android Mobile….

How to save Battery Life in Android Smartphone

Android is very popular in mobile operating systems , even kids have Android Smart Phones in their pockets. But many of us unaware about Android and it’s power. Many people use it for Gaming , Watching movies , songs and also for browsing. Battery is very crucial when we used it for Gaming , Movie purpose. How can we save Battery life in Android….

Effective Ways to Track your Android Mobile

Most of the mobile phones that are used today have the android operating system. It is a well known fact that android is a popular operating system that is used in the most exotic smartphones with excellent applications. Android Inc. is believed to have originally done the appreciable task of developing the specifications of the android operating system. Google later….