I built an AMD system a few days ago, I used the same SSD which I used in the previous system. Initially, I had issues on Windows reactivation on the new device, I called Microsoft support and they advise to reinstall Windows 8.1, then upgrade to Windows 10. After that, i tried to reinstall everything. Ammps is now my favorite PHP server, it has more features that Xampp. Installed other tools like Docker Toolbox, Vagrant etc. Later I just open my PHP project, start Ammps, but got a weird message “Port 80 is used by other processes“, I tried a couple of Windows command to see ports and pids, but pid number is 4, and it was a system process. Uninstall docker, but got same issues. I searched a lot, and from Microsoft forum, I got the result, it says that some Microsoft process related to IIS is using port 80. Below steps can use to free up port 80.

Stop World Wide Web Publishing Service

1. Ctrl + Alt + Delete, choose Task Manager.
2. Goto Service tab and click on Open Services.
3. Find World Wide Web Publishing Service.
4. Right click and stop process
5. Then select Properties, change Startup type to Manual
6. Restart Ammps or Xampp, it will work without any issue