As we live in a technologically advanced era, so nowadays, almost all teenagers and children carry a smart phone. The merits and demerits of carrying a smart phone in this age are a discussion for another time, in this article, let us discuss that how to convert a device that all students nowadays carry into device that can be helpful. We have listed four apps which are available to all Android smart phone users that can turn their phone into their personal assistants.
Read ahead if you want to learn how to get the most out of your investment and turning your expensive phone into a planner:

Use Mint to keep your financial worries at bay: 
Are you a spend thrift? Do you find it hard to stick to a budget as you cannot keep track of your spending? Do you feel if you had a personal assistant who could guide you and give you options, then you would be able to stick to a budget? Then, you only need to download Mint on your phone and you will get a free financial manager and personal assistant who will give you choices on how to spend after comparing the prices, will keep track of your spending and keep your account balanced. So, in short, this app is an on the go, free of cost financial manager for you!

Use QuickOffice if you want an on the go MS Office:
If you want anon the go Office suite to make presentations, edit word documents and use excel files, then QuickOffice is the best app for your need! Not only does it let the user create, edit and save Word, PowerPoint Presentations and Excel files, it also has a clean user interface with icons that are exactly like MS Office Suite.

Organize your time using My Study Life:
A lot of students find it hard to manage their time effectively and organize. My Study Life lets students make timetables and integrate their schedules.  This app can give you alerts when your next assignment is due, what class is at which time and assists you on how to best utilize your time to revise for your exam. Some similar apps to this one which are available free of cost on your Play Store are Timetable and My Class Schedule.

Use WolfRam Alpha to create graphs and charts:
This is a God send app for calculus students. Although it is not free and comes at a price of $2.99, however, it can perform almost any calculus function so it is worth the price. You can use this app to solve any function, make graphs and charts and even help you with conversions. There are free apps similar to this app namely Aleo Graphing and Grapher, however, these apps do not have all the function that WolfRam Alpha can perform. So, if you do not want to spend money, try these two apps, otherwise spend money once, and then forget your calculus related problems.

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