Hard disk is one of the essential part of a computer, Operating system, Software and Personal data need space or storage. Hard disk provide space for all. There are many type of storage devices available in the market, Magnetic or Ordinary Hard disk, Solid state device. Scientist involve nano technologies to invent cheap and solid devices. Even though there are many variants there function is storage. It is a part of our computer. Like other parts Hard disk also prone to damage. There are many reasons for Hard disk failure. Continues usage and dusts, virus attack are some of the reason.

In this article we are writing about AOMEI, a free tool for Hard disk health check.  It can also use for Hard disk partitioning, migration and back up, free tool has limitations, use professional version to get all features.
AOMEI is one of the best tool to find and fix bad sectors, fixing bad sectors is not a possible one, but it can repair relatively small hard disk problems.

AOMEI Partition Assistant 5.5 - Hard Disk partition tool

Why AOMEI tool?
Very simple and easy to use, relatively clean graphical user interface.
Basic features available on free versions.

How to check Hard Disk bad sectors.
Start/Run AOMEI Partition Assistant standard version.

Right click on Disk1 (In which disk you want to perform health check), or right click on the partitions(C/D/E etc.).
Right click on the Disk 1 or Disk x, select surface test. If you are right click on the partitions, select Advanced then check partition. Click on the start and wait to finish. While it running, you can see Red and Green Square boxes, red means bad sector and green mean disk is Ok. There is option for fix problem, but bad sectors are not fixable, you need to change your hard disk. Small number of bad sectors are negligible, we can use same Hard disk for years, but large number will cause file corruptions, computer can’t read data/file from corrupted areas/ bad sector area.

Free Partition manager software

Once you run this software, you can see many features, they are limited, but professional edition has unlimited features. So we advise to buy professional version. This software very mush useful for Office and Enterprise fields, this tool can use to check hard disk frequently and fix problems.

AOMEI running Disk Surface Test 

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