Everyday we browse different websites on our computer. Some for our education and some for friendship. Facebook is the best example for social media website. We spent hours on Facebook. Some people spent their time on YouTube and some in Google. Did you think about their websites and its back end details.It is   very interesting area in the web, finding back end of websites. I can say that it never be a waste, it is better than browsing Facebook or YouTube. You will get lots of information and you cal learn latest technologies. If you are interested in this area, you must have some tools. In this article we are featuring Wappalzer , one of the best and simple tool to find back end informations.

Wappalyzer is a  tool to find back the end information of a website. I will show one example.I take 4 websites to test Wappalyzer.

1. Microsoft website

2. Linux Mint

3. WordPress

4. Drupal

Microsoft website in Google chrome with wappalzer
Linux mint website on Mozilla Firefox with wappalzer
WordPress.org on Mozilla firefox
drupal.org on Google chrome with wappalyzer

I think , you got some information about these websites. You can see web server , server side languages , javascript framework and also operating system. Wappalyzer also provide a statistical data about these software/language and operating system. You can find which software/operating system/ language use more in world, just click on links.

Download Wappalzer for Mozilla Firefox 

Download Wappalzer for Google chrome

There are lots of software available. You can try it , they may  have lots of information. But this tools is very handy and simple. It can provide almost everything. keep touch withus we will come with more tools in our latest posts.