Diskpart is a windows application to restore pen drive to factory settings.Diskpart can recover original pen drive size. Many time i lose my pendrive actual capacity. I had created hackintosh , OpenSUSE bootable using image writer. Everything gone fine , but when i plug it on openSUSE and Windows 8 , I saw only 4 MB or 200 MB on my pendrive. Pen Drive capacity became 200 MB. I had format it many time but still 200MB. I tried Disk utilities on Ubuntu , openSUSE but nothing happened.  Then i heard about Diskpart tool on Windows , diskpart is look like command prompt. Terminal and Command prompt are the powerful applications on Ubuntu and Windows respectively. We can do anything using Terminal and Command prompt.

Diskpart help me to restore my pendrive to factory mode , i got 14.7 GB back using Diskpart. I want share that on this blog.

How to restore your Pendrive 

1. Connect your Pen Drive

2.  Goto C:\ Windows/System32 folder ( Where you install your Operating System )

3.Open Diskpart as administrator

4.Once you see Diskpar window , enter this command

list disk

Pendrive recovery using Diskpart

You can see disks available on your system. Then select your perndrive.You can select your pen drive by size of perndrive. Diskpart also shows size of each disk.

select disk disk number

For example select disk 1

3. Then enter this command to clean your perndrive


4. Open your disk Disk management tool , you can see your pendrive , or goto My computer and format your pen drive.

5.Exit diskpart using this command


6. Format your perndrive and use it again. I think , use Disk management tool to crate partition in you pendrive.

Goto System Properties ( Control Panel -> System and Security -> Administrative tools -> Computer Management -> Disk Management )

Right click on your pen drive and create new partition / volume .  Follow the instruction

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