PHP is a server side language for web development. It is popular programming language for web development , more than 244 million websites use PHP. PHP created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1995. PHP is a opensource programming language with wide community support. Like all other languages PHP language also need a support of Text Editor or IDE . There are many IDE or Text Editors are available. Most of them are platform dependent , it will be a problem if you use other Platforms like Linux or Mac. Here you can find some best cross platform Text Editors/IDEs . Cross platforms software works on all Pltforms , Windows , Linux or Mac OS X. So you don’t need to change other software.

1. Sublime Text Editor 

Sublime Text Editor is my favorite editor and i use it since 2011 ( I am not a programmer ). I like Sublime Text Editor because of features and interface. It is the only Text Editor with beautiful Interface.

Sublime Text Editor 3

It is a powerful tool for all programmers , it support almost all languages. You can edit/change codes in a single step. Download Sublime Text editor and try your self. It will be your best friend once you use it. I can give 100% guarantee that you will like this Text Editor.

2. Eclipse IDE for PHP Developers

 Eclipse is a very popular IDE for Developers. Eclipse is widely use for Android/ Java applications. It is a free and open source software. So many Softwares like Aptana Studio use Eclipse to build there on IDE.  Latest Eclipse is for C/C++/Java/Java EE Developers but there is one version for PHP developers. You can also install PHP engines to latest Eclipse versions. But this version already has PHP support. You don’t need anything.

Eclipse with PHP support
Eclipse for PHP

3. Netbeans IDE for PHP

Netbeans is more powerful than Eclipse in my user experience. We done  a Java project called MStore at NIIT  using Netbeans and never used Eclipse. For a student Netbeans will be better choice than Eclipse. Eclipse widely used in IT companies than Institutions. Recently , institutions also uses Eclipse to familiarize it with students. In my personal view , Netbeans comes with lots of useful stuffs , It has a server called Glassfish and Database called JavaDB ( Netbean’s Java IDE ) . We also had experienced with Netbean’s PHP IDE. That also better than Eclipse. If you don’t know exact codes , Nebeans will show you that codes. Just Enter first view alphabets , Netbeans shows you a list of codes.

Netbeans for PHP

I prefer it , if you need a fast IDE. But Companies prefer Eclipse because it can be use for many programming languages , Android , Java , C++ and more.

4. Bluefish Editor

Many Linux users prefer this editor. I had used this software a year ago , but I don’t like this software ( I am not a developer or programmer , may be I am wrong , forgive me ). It is a simple text editor having 5 MB of size. Your Internet speed is not a problem… You can easily install it on your computer.

BlueFish Text Editors
Cross platform text editors
Bluefish Text Editor

Bluefish is a clean and powerful text editor , it also has many sublime text editor’s features.

Ubuntu users can install Bluefish via Software Centre

5. Aptana Studio

Aptana studio is a favorite IDE for many Web Developers and Web Designers. They think it as a replacement tool for most famous Adobe Dreamweaver Software. Before writing this post , I read many articles related on Aptana and other IDEs.  I found that Aptana is specially for Web Development  and it is based on Open source Eclipse IDE. Many people use Eclipse for Android and Java development. Unfortunately only one version of Eclipse support PHP language and it is called Helios, We need to install some plugins to get support on latest Eclipse versions. But don’t worry , you can use Aptana Studio in place of Eclipse IDE. Aptana has same Interface like Eclipse , it also have some more features than Eclipse . So for a Web Developer or Designer , Aptana will be right choice than Eclipse.

Aptana studio also have Preview feature like Adobe Dreamweaver , You can preview Web page without a Web browser. I used Aptana but never use this feature. So I am not able to tell more about this. In addition to this Aptana , it have GIT integration , which is very necessary for companies , it also come with Apache Web server tools .

Aptana Studio

If you Interested in Aptana studio , you can use this links to reach Aptana Website. Please ,  remember one thing , If you need more language support , you need to install plugins.

6. Komodo IDE 

Komodo IDE is not a free tool , but Komodo Text Editor is completely free. Before writing this article , i have downloaded and run it on My computer. I liked its interface, it is better than any other IDEs.You can try Komodo text editor for PHP coding.

Download Komodo IDE

7. JetBrains PhpStorms

It is my  favorite IDE  after sublime text 3, Sublime is a text editor so there are some limitations. JetBrains PhpStorms is like Eclipse and Netbeans but more  powerful. You can start new projects , you can load existing project from local server and remote server. Phpstorms is optimized for PHP projects. It also support HTML 5 , CSS ,JavaScript and a dozen of other languages. You don’t need to remember any method , css properties ,JavaScript functions or html tags, it will show everything , just enter first 2-3 letters, it then show available properties,tags.

Error mechanism is better than Eclipse and Netbeans IDE . JetBrains Phpstorms show you how to solve errors. I think it is better than any other IDE. Jetbrains also have Java IDE , paid and community versions. If you are a Java/PHP / Web designer , you must try it , it will save a lots of time.

PHP Storms

Download Jetbrains PhpStorms