I don’t know why people like to install Mac OS X on their PC. A lots of people ask  How to Install it on Intel PC. When Apple moved from Power PC to Intel Powered PC ,  more and more people start asking this questions. In this post you will get answer. We installed it on our Lenovo 2nd Generation Notebook (Z570) .

Mac OS X is awesome , truth is that , it is faster than Windows 7 and beautiful than any other OS. We shared a tutorial video  on YouTube to explain Installation steps.. I think you already watched! . Everyone ask me , Where is the download link. Here you can download download link. Actual download link is a torrent link. So we create a text file and add that two torrent links. Download text file and open it. You can see two download links. Copy and paste it on address bar.Google punish if we add torrent links on blogger blogs.

There are lots of links available but don’t download Niresh_s_OS_X_10.8.2 it shows error when it show 11 minute remains. We tried that with our PC but didn’t work. It wasted my DVD disk.

Mac_OS_X_Hazard_10.8x_Intel_Only this file didn’t work on our System. It just a fake. It have only one folder but shows more than 5 GB. This file even won’t boot. So don’t download this file.We spent over hours to download from torrent website.It also need a Mac system to create bootable usb disk.

Here are the download link.

Alternate Download links ( torrent website rename it’s domain , so try the second Download options)

That website change domain .sx to .ac

Second Download Link

1. Follow steps in video and file in that folder

2. Create new or format a partition for Mac OS X , minimum 15 GB or more. I used 30.1 GB

3. Create a unallocated space or free space. You can create it using Disk Management Tool in Windows XP/Windows 7 / Windows 8.

Open Control Panel.

Then System and Security > Administrative Tools > Computer Management.

Select Disk Management from the left side.

Delete or Shrink any partition to make space for Mac OS X and Unallocated space/ Free space.Please create 100/200 MB unallocated space and Free space. I don’t know which will work. You can use this after Mac OS X Installation.

Unallocated and Free space in My System

Black is Unallocated space . and 200 MB is Free space ( In between Games and 28.61 GB)

During Mac OS X installation, You can change NTFS format to Mac OS X format. I showed it on My Video. In that Video i convert a FAT system to Mac OS Extended.

Watch this Video

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Don’t upgrade or Install to Mac OX 10.8.5 , I did it on my system. Next time Mac OS X didn’t work. So please don’t install upgrade files.