Month: September 2013

How to Install and Configure LAMP on Ubuntu 13.04/13.10/14.04

LAMP means – Linux – Apache – MySQL – PHP. LAMP installation is a bit difficult on Ubuntu and other Linux Operating Systems. If you know the usage of Terminal you can install LAMP very easily. LAMP installation require 4-5 steps in Ubuntu. 1. Apache 2 installation2. PHP 5 installation 3. MySQL Installation4. PHPmyadmin installation5. PHPmyadmin configurationLAMP installationLAMP on Ubuntu….

How to Install Latest Oracle JDK on Ubuntu

Java is one of the necessary software for almost all Operating System. Some Operating Systems like Mac ( older versions ) come with Java Runtime Environment ( JRE) and Java Development Kit ( JDK) . It is a  must have software for Java developers , Android programmers etc… If you are not a developer or programmer , you need JRE to….