Computer safety is a skill, not a talent that comes naturally to some people. From the day you purchased your own computer, you accepted the responsibility of caring for it and doing whatever you can to keep it in shape. This kind of perspective does not make you over sentimental; rather it shows that you are aware of the benefits and the dangers of incorporating computing technology to your life.

Once you start, there’s no going back.

Majority of us are guilty of growing too reliant on the services that computers offer. The internet is one thing that has given people more reason to keep their eyes fixed on the screen; it is the gateway to the worldwide web, and the web is a real m that knows no boundaries in connection and knowledge. It is a place that never goes to sleep and is always updated with everything you can ever think of.
With all this excitement going on, it becomes too easy for us to neglect the dark side of computer usage. Once you are online, you immediately become a target for malware and cyber crimes. Keep these threats at bay and continue to enjoy the benefits of computers by establishing good security.


Everything starts with the proper awareness of the threats lurking in the web. This malicious software that comprises of viruses, worms, Trojan horses, rootkits, and whatnot can be acquired in any website you enter. You might be surprised at the deviousness of these pests. They take in multiple forms and continually evolve to combat antivirus software.
Read about malware. It is the crucial first step to fighting your enemy. Otherwise, you’ll remain stuck in the dark, swaying your fists at invisible foes. Educating yourself about them turns on the light and reveals their true forms. Employing the services of special software applications are mere enhancers to the strategies you will use to fight this cyber war. They are useless if you don’t know what this war is for and what the nature of your enemy is.

Installing Layers of Defense

Your mind is conditioned for battle; now you can start taking action.
Downloading antivirus software is like equipping your computer with a double edged sword. This software will be your defence and offense, your watch guard and your assassin. Its primary function is to keep an eye out for threats that are attempting to enter your computer. The antivirus will normally send you a warning, especially if you are on the brink of permitting it to run in the system. Dangerous websites are sometimes blocked as well, and the antivirus gives you the option of entering it or backing away. In those instances, it is left up to you whether you want to take the risk.

Its offensive mode compromises of the basic options to remove, to quarantine, and to disinfect. You are recommended to immediately remove infected files so as to prevent the malware from spreading.
Lastly, you have to update your antivirus. Viruses and worms are constantly evolving and the change in their digital signature may prove your antivirus worthless.  Updates enable them to recognize the latest threats and to act accordingly. Do your part to maintain your antivirus’ efficiency.

Filtering Your Email

You’ll notice that similar articles are putting emphasis on the emails you receive. This is because mass mailing is the prime method that viruses use to spread themselves. Once an email account has been infected, the virus assaults the address book and sends itself to the contacts.
Virus-sent emails normally have no subject or title, and the body of the message will either be blank or contains a one liner telling you to open the attachment. By all means, avoid doing what it says. Delete the email. If your inbox and spam folder are constantly flooded by such messages, perhaps it is time to create a new email account. Doing so will spare you and your contacts from getting infected.

Rejecting Offers

Internet users are tricked into installing malware time and again due to a temporary lapse in judgement. You visit a website and this prompt advises you to let it scan your computer, or alerts you to a virus that has recently penetrated your defence. Panicked, you click the go sign and subject yourself to future regrets.
Remember that any website that offers to scan your computer is a website that freely declares its true nature. If it asks for money, then you have entered the enemy’s lair.

Author Bio
James has been working as a tech support specialist for the past 5 years. He loves to write articles related to technology, virus prevention, troubleshooting and Windows tips and tricks.