There are lots of chances to delete files from your computer accidentally. In my life I face this many times. It may due our carelessness. The same way there is a chance to get format our Pen drive even though it contains some valuable information. Deleted files can be found in Recycle bin , but if you delete files by pressing Shift+ Delete , it will not be there. So , Do you know How to recover these files. We will tell you how. There is a lot of software available on Internet to recover those files. In this post we are introducing  a software called  Recover My Files . Recover My File is not a free software , You can download 30 trial version , but you can’t save recovered files. So you have two options

1. Download that software from torrent ( It available on ) or Download from our cloud storage 
2. Download RecoverMyFile 
3 . Install the setup file and follow the instructions ( instructions available  in text files)
4. Start application 
How to recover Deleted files from Hard Disk or Pen Drive 

Watch above video

How to Recover Files and Folders from a formatted Hard Disk or Pen Drive ( 50-90% chance)

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