Android … Now a days this name is very familiar word  in the world. It is a great Operating System for Mobile phone and Tablets. Android also available in some netbooks. Android Operating System developed for ARM chips for example NVidia Tegra , SnapDragon S4 etc… It also works on Intel Atom processors. If you don’t have any Android Mobile phone and tablets and want to experience android Operating System , this post helps you. Developers also build a custom version of ANDROID that can run on 32 bit processors and 64 bit processors.  You can do everything on this ISO like Android Operating System. You can play android games , can use applications and also take photos using built in Notebook camera.

Android on Lenovo Z570

How to Install Android x86 on Your Computer

Download Android x86 iso file ( 192 MB ) 

How to create Bootable USB drive for Android 

Download unetbootin 

How to Make Bootable USB drive 

1. Plug your USB drive ( 2GB or higher )

2. Run unetbootin

3. Format your USB pendrive  ( Format as FAT32 )

4. Click on Diskimage

Android x86
Create USB drive

Then click on the button ( … ) on the right side

Select iso file from your Hard Disk

Create USB disk
Make USB drive

Then select Type as USB drive and choose yo drive .Click on OK

USB pendrive

Then Reboot your computer.

Select Boot option ( F12 or F10 ) . Select USB drive from Boot it.

Wait  , Android starts soon

Select Live CD / USB  see Android Operating System without Installtion. Or you can install it on your computer.

It will take some time , but wait until it works. If you have a good computer configuration , it will load quickly.

Android version : 4.2.2 

Android x86 
Android application , settings 

Use F9,F10 and F11 to rotate your screen

How to Power off Android x 86 Jelly Bean 

Goto above desktop (Android application , settings )

Click on Power off and click on OK