Yesterday Apple unveiled the latest version of Apple Mac OS X called Mavericks. Apple said that it have 200 new features compare to previous Apple Mac OS X Mountain Lion. Yesterday we had seen Apple’s Keynote from San Fransisco. They show Videos and Demos of the new OS. It was a fantastic show , awesome !! That is ….

Later in the event Apple updated their Web site with new OS X. You can read all the new features from the Apple website. Click here to know more about Apple Mac OS X Mavericks.  Map , Safari , iWork and 200  new features. Apple Map is awesome , You can watch cities in 3D view , you can rotate and you can zoom it.

Apple Mac OS X Mavericks

Apple makes everything simple , they make the interface so clean and elegant. They made Apple safari , iCaleder , everything clean and simple. One of the biggest feature is Multiple display. Your mark can connect to any number of Multiple displays , each will have its own menu bar and displays.

Read more about Apple Mac OS X Mavericks preview version 

How to Download Apple Mac OS X Developer preview 

Anyone can download Developer preview from Apple developer website. You require two things.

1. Apple account / Developer account ( it is free )

2. Mac Developer program membership ( it costs $99 per year )

If you have these things , you can download and Install Apple Mac OS X Mavericks preview.