Month: June 2013

How to Install Android Jelly Bean 4.2.2 x86 on your Computer

Android … Now a days this name is very familiar word  in the world. It is a great Operating System for Mobile phone and Tablets. Android also available in some netbooks. Android Operating System developed for ARM chips for example NVidia Tegra , SnapDragon S4 etc… It also works on Intel Atom processors. If you don’t have any Android Mobile….

The Fundamental Computer Security Measures

Computer safety is a skill, not a talent that comes naturally to some people. From the day you purchased your own computer, you accepted the responsibility of caring for it and doing whatever you can to keep it in shape. This kind of perspective does not make you over sentimental; rather it shows that you are aware of the benefits….

[ How to ] Recover Deleted files from Hard Disk or Pendrive / Recover files from a Formatted Hard Disk or Pendrive

There are lots of chances to delete files from your computer accidentally. In my life I face this many times. It may due our carelessness. The same way there is a chance to get format our Pen drive even though it contains some valuable information. Deleted files can be found in Recycle bin , but if you delete files by pressing Shift+ Delete ,….