The Apple Mac Operating System is different from any other Operating System in the world. All Other Operating Systems like Windows or Linux copies hundreds of features from the Apple Mac operating system. For example Windows OS copy Graphic user interface from Apple Mac OS . Ubuntu Unity Interface is a true copy of the Apple Mac launch pad and Menu Bar. Here are some images of  Apple Mac .

Apple Mac OS  Desktop
Apple Mac Launch Pad

Here is a tip to Install Apple Mac Launchpad on Windows 8 Operating System. First Download XLaunchpad.

Download xLaunchpad

If you want to Configure XLaunch pad , please watch this video.


XLaunchpad for Windows 8

Features :

  • Easy drag and Drop icons and Folders 
  • Custom background 
  • Can control the number of rows and columns 
  • Free updates 
  • Easy to use and Easy Uninstall
  • Many Windows