Android Jelly Bean is an operating system for Tablets and Smart Phones. It is the most popular and widely used Operating System in the world.Why it is so popular ? It is free and easy to use. Another reason is , Google owns this Operating system , every year Google releases new version. In addition to this , there are thousand of applications available for the Android Operating System. You can download any applications using google account and Google play store application. Play store is a free pre installed application for installing other applications from Google play store.

This video will show How to Install Android Jelly Bean on your ordinary Computer running Windows , Linux or Mac. For this you need to download Virtual Box and Android ova files .

First Download Virtual Box software – Virtual Box is used to run other Operating Syetms on a Host computer. Mainly this software used to test alpha and beta versions of Operating Systems. But In Industry level it has more uses.

Download Virtual Box 

Second download Android ova files. Please download latest versions.Latest versions have more features than old versions. They also fix bugs in old versions.

Download Android ova files

Watch this video carefully