As a blogger you know how easy it is to lose track of things. In your computer and on your desk and even in your home there is always something getting lost. One way to minimize the search time you put in every day is to keep things organized. You may think that would take a lot of money or effort, a la Martha Stewart, but it really does not have to be hard or complex. All it takes is a little thought and you can have an organized home, work area, and life. Here are some simple ideas you can do to make your life easier:

1. Make your iPhone louder – Have you ever put someone on speaker phone and been unable to hear what they are saying? Or you are trying to listen to music with your iPhone and can’t hear it across the room. Well, do not shell out money for expensive speakers. Instead cut a slot in the top of an empty toilet tissue roll. Insert the iPhone into the slot and make a stand for it using thumb tacks so it does not roll away. Voila! Instant speakers that turn your quiet iPhone into something actually audible. How cheap and easy is that?

2. Easy meal time – If you are anything like me you love having parties but hate the clean-up. Skip a few dishes with this simple idea. If you have to have condiments on the table, like hamburger fixings, then use a muffin tin. Not only does it have six perfectly separate pockets for your ketchup, mustard, pickles and more, but it is only one thing to clean instead of six and the coating makes it super easy to just rinse and go!

3. Travel tip – This is an equally great tip for people who have a hard time remembering where they park. If you are traveling in a place where you do not speak the language, or do not speak it well, take a picture of where you are staying and where you want to go. That way you can just show people the picture to ask for directions or to get to the right place in a taxi. If you are parking your car in an airport or other large parking area, take a picture of the nearest sign. They usually have ones like Blue, Level 2, Section K. That way you will not have to remember later, you can just look in your phone for the picture!

4. Tangle free cords – Whenever I have to take my phone charger or my other various electronic cords somewhere I always end up with a knotted mess by the time I need to use them. Well, not anymore. All you need is an old glasses case and you can safely store your cords without getting them tangled up. This works best for small cords, but it can also prevent delicate electronics from being broken in transit.

5. CD case lunch – Have a lot of those empty CD case spindles lying around? Do not know what to do with them? Why not make them a breakfast or lunch tote? Great for packing a bagel or bagel sandwich, those CD cases are actually useful at times!

6. Tennis ball – What good does a tennis ball do in an office? Well, actually it can do a lot! Lice a slot in the side of the ball and mount it to the wall. The slide can hold mail, light clothing items like a jacket, pens, and even your keys. Draw some eyes on it and it looks like it is eating your items. Cute, funny, and useful!

7. Book holder – Need to hold a book open for reference while you are typing, cooking or doing other hands on tasks? There is a simple solution. Just grab a pants hanger and clip the edges of the book to hold open your spot. It works best with large books like cookbooks or textbooks. You can even hang it up so it is at eye level!

8. Drip free ice pack – No emergency first aid kit is complete without an ice pack, but how do you avoid spending money on those expensive chemical ones? Well, an easy solution for a drip free ice pack is to freeze a wet sponge. If you saturate the sponge and put it in a Ziploc bag it will freeze and be usable without dripping all over everything when it warms.

9. Cut something soft – Need to cut something perfectly? Is it soft like cheese or cake? Then just use dental floss! Unscented waxed dental floss is an easy way to get perfect slices of anything soft without messing around with a knife.

10. Soda straw – If you are like me then we live on canned sodas. I love to take a sip or two as I write, so I always have a straw handy. The frustrating thing is though that the straw keeps trying to float out of the can! A solution to this is to thread the straw through the tab, swiveling the tab over the mouth opening first of course. The tab pins the straw in place and I get to sip my soda in peace.

11. Cat free workspace – If you have cats then you know how they are drawn to your workspace. Sitting on your keyboard, lounging across your desk and generally making a nuisance of themselves while you are trying to work. Solve that problem by doing one simple thing. Lay an open box near your workspace but out of the way. Boxes draw cats in and then you have a happy cat and a cat free workspace!

12. Lost – If you ever get lost and your GPS or cell phone is useless (think Apple Maps) then do not bother stopping at the gas station. Instead stop at the pizza place for directions. They are the ones who really know how to get around!

13. Broken feet – Are the feet on your keyboard broken? Do you need an easy way to incline your laptop on a desk surface? Then binder clips are your answer. Just clip them where you need them and they will help to keep your electronics at the right angle for ergonomic support, without all expensive junk.

14. Magnet love – I love magnets. They are so useful! The coolest thing that you can do with a magnet is to keep track of all your stuff. Things like remote controls, small tools, or even pens can be mounted right to a metal surface and easily found. No more piles of junk on your desk or lost in drawers. Instead keep everything off the ground and in sight with magnets. This also works well in the kitchen and bathroom for spices and grooming products like tweezers.

15. Box of cords – If you have as many electronics as I do then you have a box of cords. Some of them you do not even know what they go to but you are afraid to throw them away. Keep the box untangled and easy to search by rolling up the cords and putting them inside empty toilet paper tubes. The tubes keep them separate and still visible. For larger cords you can use empty paper towel rolls.

These are just a few of the simple and inexpensive ideas that can help you to keep your home and workspace free of clutter and confusion. An organized workspace is an efficient workspace. The less time you spend looking for things the more time you can spend blogging. So take a few seconds to think about how you can make your workspace more efficient with just a few simple steps. You might be surprised at how much time you save!
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