Computer Hard Disk rotates in every second when we use .So it is one of the most hottest place inside the computer. Hard Disk can be damaged in many ways. “Bad Sector Formation” is a Common Hard Disk failure.Actually it is a physical damage some of our hard disk parts become unreadable or useless.  I saw many sites when i face Bad sector in my computer that give software for fixing Bad Sector problem. Then i asked one Computer expert , then he replied me that Bad Sector is a Physical problems once you have Bad sector in your Hard Disk it can’t be fix .There may be  Software Bad Sector but hardware or Physical Bad sector can’t fix. There are many reasons for Bad sector but we can prevent Bad Sector formations.

Main Reasons for Hard Disk Bad Sector Formations 

1. Improper Computer Shutdown 

Computer is not like TV or other devices. It needs a proper shutdown otherwise it  damages computer. As we know Hard Disk always rotating , a magnetic needle like object is used to read/write data.Needle is very very closer to rotating disks. If we shut down improperly it may touch disks and can be make some scratches not a big one. So we must Shutdown our computer properly to prevent bad sector in Hard Disks.
If your computer become “Not Responding ” , Please wait for some time , it will come to normal position after some time.
Note : Shutdown your computer in proper way
2. Dust and other small things 

We can find dusts inside our computer.It is very common . If dusts reach inside Hard Disk it will create scratches. As i said early Needle and Disks are very close to each other, if any dust particles come between them it will create scratches and that part became unreadable.
Note: Keep your System from dusts and other things 
3. Heat and Cooler Pads
Every computer heat as time go. So use Cooler pads or Additional Cooler fans to reduce Heat.This heat also can be a reason for Bad sector.

4.Malware and Virus 

Some Malwares and viruses can damage Hard Disk , Install a good Antivirus software on your computer.
How to Check your Hard Disk

In Windows 7 Operating System ,there is a tool for checking Bad sectors in Hard Disk.Goto your My computer windows , then select each partitions  properties .Then select “Tool” .

Windows 7 bad sector checking

Then “Check Now” , Select all and start. Windows will automatically start testing during next booting.In this way we can check our Hard disk’s health.

How to avoid bad sector 

1. Proper Windows turn off
2. Defragment disk once in a week
3. Install good Antivirus software
4. Find a Cooling method to cool down our system
5. Use it on the Dust free environment or try to find a place with less dust
6. Use Cooling pad with Netbooks
7. Turn off system after 8-10 continues work