The Internet, when it began was populated with a few hundred pages. Because of its nature, growth is driven by individuals as well as organizations. Today, the number of web-pages number in the trillions. With such a proliferation of pages, the challenge is to find the information that we need. The first search engines like WebCrawler and AltaVista all tried to address these issues by indexing these pages. The most successful internet Company, Google, owes its first and continuing success to its ability to keep track of the internet and its content. Acting as a door to internet and by allowing us to search for content, based on topics rather than URLs.

Search engines keep tabs on content by scanning pages for the relevance of the content present on the page in relation to a particular keyword. Complex search engine algorithms take a number of factors into account to assign a rank for a page based on a particular topic. It keeps track of the number of web-pages that link back to the page in question, the number of people who view the webpage, the safety of the webpage, and the URL to which the page is connected.  Still, the single most important factor is the presence of the relevant keyword concerning a search.

Search Engine Optimization is the art of making a webpage search engine friendly. This is important, because people search for topics rather than pages. SEO improves a page’s rank so that when users search for the relevant term, their website shows up among the top results. Research in user patterns show that people are satisfied with the top results shown by a search engine and seldom dig deeper than the sites shown on the first page. Having an optimized page makes it easy for people to find your page.

The second layer that has been added to the Internet is the social layer. This layer recognizes that people and their opinions on content count for most business applications. Social media sites are of a varied nature, but they all have one thing in common, which is allowing people to share their viewpoints anonymously. Businesses, leverage social media to stay connected to the users of their products by reaching out to them with offers and responding to their queries. They also monitor the opinion of their products and services by keeping track of the reviews that are posted about their services and responding appropriately.

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