The World Wide Web is ideally dominated by blogs all of varied features but ensure that the different online ventures are more than just facilitated. Each of the varied blogs tends to have their own topics of choice with some containing just all the information that an online user may be in need of. They are therefore majorly considered as discussion forums from which posts may be submitted among the varied bloggers. They however have been further specialized to entail more than just available links but also software that may be acquired for the best blogging experience.
Among the most soft after and best reviewed blogging software being:


This one particularly has more features than any other varied blogging alternatives with its features proving to be quite exemplary and reliable for the beneficiaries. Once acquired its able to be an online user’s host and personalized web developer. Some of the features that make it quite the catch include;

  • The program contains the integrated stat system inclusive of tracking and publishing tools
  • Has the best tool for writing
  • World wide, has the ideal spam technology comparable to none
  • Once a free account is created there is also the 3GB file storage offered


This Six Apart blog software too is a marvel in its own right as it includes hosting within its offered features with the beneficiaries being provided with the option of purchasing extra storage and bandwidth. It is mostly suitable for bloggers after an audience with its features that include;

  • Podcasting
  • Capable of facilitating mobile blogging either through emails or phones
  • Bloggers are able to customize their own designs
  • Users are also able to create their own online communities
  • It also does not allow for ads posting unless authorized by the blogger


The one thing that makes this blog software be unique is its employment of the cloud computing technology. Bloggers may therefore be able to manage their newly created domains or blogs from whichever remote location that may be find themselves in away from there usual point of operation.
Unlike the earlier three, its interface is quite easy to operate with even for those that may have little or no knowledge of the programming language. Other features include;

  • It’s fully hosted
  • Distinct modular site widgets and components
  • Allows for designer brand-named templates 
  • Able to be expanded to full functioning domains for the bloggers
  • Of all the blog software available in this current time of technological advancements, these three have been considered and rated as among the best. There are others like Bloggers, LiveJournal and Open Salon too that have been rated as possible alternatives to the many seeking reliable blog software. 

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