Booting is one of the important process happen in our computer during start up. It shows installed operating systems as a list. If we have multiple os say Ubuntu and Windows , Ubuntu ‘s grub boot menu will over write Windows boot loader. When we uninstall Ubuntu , it’s grub menu will go and we won’t get Windows boot loader. It will always shows Grub errors when we turn on our computer. Boot- repair software can be used repair boot options and it will replace Windows boot loader back. So we can access Windows without re install.

Boot Repair is actually a Linux distribution , it have many useful tools like Boot repair , OS uninstaller etc..It is Linux os with LXDE Interface.Here are some screenshots.

How to Repair Boot option
Boot Repair Disk

Above image shows Boot Repair Disk.In additional to Repairing tools it also add a web browser to browse Internet. It didn’t has any video player or other type of softwares. Size of this software is around 362MB.

Boot Repair
Boot repairing 


This software very useful ,

How to Use

1. Download Boot Repair Disk iso file
2.Create an USB Bootable disk ( USB/CD)
3. Insert CD or USB Pendrive
4. Select USB Pendrive from Boot option

Load OS

It will automatically start boot repair tool if not start Boot repair manually. Follow instruction and fix your computer.

Download: Boot Repair OS     Ubuntu secured Boot repair