Best video formats to upload video to YouTube

YouTube is one of the popular website in the world.Current rating , YouTube listed in the first best 15 website. YouTube has everything in the form of videos. It contains Full length Movies , Fun clips , Video Tutorials , Educational stuffs , Live events and games everything. I usually upload videos to YouTube , my own videos, related to computers tips and Game. I use BSR screen recorder to record my computer screen. These screen recorders are record videos in avi or .mp4 formats , but they are larger in size , we can’t upload it directly , for 20 minute video size become raised to 300- 400 mb. It is very difficult to upload , it took around 45- 1 hr.  

How to reduce the size ?

If we can reduce the size we can upload it within minutes , there are many software’s available to reduce the size some software reduce the size but they also reduce the quality.

WebM is one of the best format to upload video , because webm videos has high quality and lesser in size. We can convert 200-300 MB avi file to 60-100 MB webm file without loosing quality. I have convert all my videos to webm format before i upload . Here are a few formats best for video up-loaders.

1. WebM format  

It is optimized for Web and best suited for HTML 5 , unlike other formats it  need less space for same quality. This format is free and open source , Google made this codec.Miro converter is one of the best converter for webm . We can easily convert any videos to webm format.

Software: miro software

2. FLV format  

Most of the FLV videos are less in size , and also has high quality. FLV is popular so there are  many software available to convert video to flv format. If we compare mp4 and flv , for the same length video   flv need less space.

3 OGG format 

This video is not popular in Windows , but it is the default format in Linux distributions . WebM and OGG.   both of them need less space.You can use Miro converter to convert video to .ogg format , for this select

Best Video format
Comparison chart  avi vs mp4 vs ogg vs webm

WebM videos file playing

Miro converter 

Miro converter is a simple and efficient converter for webm,ogg and mp4 formats. Any videos can be converted to these formats. Beside these formats it can converts videos for Android , iPhone , iPad and Tablets. This software is via online.

Miro software

Miro software – Download /Review 

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