Think back of any special memorable moment of your life, it is likely to be attached to some song. Think when you first danced in your wedding, the song you sung every night for your newborn sweetheart, the music you played in your car when you went for a long drive with your beloved. Whenever you hear these music and songs, you can immediately feel the emotion of that precious moment. The connection seems to be imprinted in memories – this is what the impact of musical power is…

Music has become a fundamental part of everyone’s life. All the credit goes to the technological development in the recent times. No more of staggering with your life, add some spice to your life and feel better! Are you feeling sad? Is something making you upset? Turn on the music; your mood will be transformed completely!
Are you searching for some musical apps for your iPhone? Besides, Spotify and Pandora, there are other apps worth mentioning. Enjoy music you love!!!

sir Sampleton 

In the first glance, this app will look alike a normal keyboard which can give pleasure to your kids. Wait and take a close look at this app. This is a feature-enrich and sophisticated app that enables you to have all sorts of fun from recording music and saving it to adding vibrato and mixing beats. This is pleasurable app for both the experts beat masters as well as the novice music players.


You often hear some catchy tune and even sing it all throughout the day without any clue of whom or from where that tune has come from. Very sadly, your friends also fail to provide you the right knowledge. No more of guessing! The SoundHound app of your iPhone can recognize the singing or humming of any tune and also provides you the relevant matches to that tune.
Believe me, it works! This app can even recognize a hum which does not have a perfect pitch. You can use the free or the paid version of this alluring feature.

ooTunes Radio   

How about having a completely new musical experience by mixing the radio station? A mammoth variation of styles and genres will be right in front of you with ooTunes Radio app. You can now have endless listening experience… This app compiles around 30,000 streams across 150 countries to produce the playlist you wish to take the pleasure of. Suppose you fall in love with a song when you first hear it, this app will allow you buy that song from iTunes for downloading at that very moment.

Concert Vault    

If you prefer to hear live music recording, this is the right app for you. This is a recorded treasure for your iPhone. With this app, you will receive 10 hours of continuous streaming. Isn’t this satiating your craving for music? Upgrade the membership to enjoy unlimited access to recorded sound tracks. This app is a must for live concertaholics. Get this free app on your iPhone and have handy resource of enjoying a live concert!

Author’s Bio: Daniel Bay, a remote technical support engineer has all the know-how of a new app. His expertise is sure to help you in installing and using the app for your PC, iPhone or iPad support.