What is Google SERP?
SERP refers to the Search Engine Results Page which enlists the web pages offered by any search engine in response to the user’s query of keywords. The SERP will usually contain the list of websites, the bold keywords and a short description where the keywords have matched to the query. SERP consist of three major components in the name of Paid SERP, Organic SERP and Searcher’s Query listings. The SERP pages responded by search engines such as Bing, Yahoo and Google may contain organic search, algorithmic or contextual listings. If you own a website, you will need to make some effective changes to your SEO strategies and content quality so that it could be enlisted in the top page of Google SERP. Following are the top 5 most effective steps that will make your contents practically visible in the Google SERP: –

Rich Snippets

Search listings for your website will certainly benefit if you leverage rich snippets that are considered great for numerous things such as business locations, recipes, events and products. You should further ensure that your website uses the perfect and most appropriate product schema given you loves the concept of organizational micro formats. You can also provide some reviews and ratings to the service pages of your website. Having quality and rich snippets in your websites will cast a different impression on the Google analytics. Innovative means and methods should always be implemented to please and rank higher in Google SERP.

Meta description

The inclusion of quality, seductive and full meta description in the webpage has a lot of influences although it has lost importance in the present SEO market against the role played by social media and backlinks. Meta description should not be very small and it must contain solid keywords or meta phrases to lure the online visitors. Webmasters are also using cliffhangers and call to action concept to keep the visitors engaged.

Getting sitelinks

These links remain under the coverage of root domain and will signify your easy & simple site structure and clean navigation. As per the Google SERP, the site links should be automated and they will be displayed in the search result listings if they are important. Consumers will definitely like to visit your website or blog if you have provided them an excellent and convenient platform to navigate and search their favorite products. site links will definitely improve your rankings in the SERP.

Content quality

You should emphasize on the display and quality of the web content. Your content may include some sort of multimedia features like news, videos, blog posts and pictures to make the content more rewarding and interesting for the consumers. No doubt, appearance and features of the websites matter the most but if the site lacks the content quality and display characteristics; it will lost in the online turmoil and crowd. Content quality ensures that your website has quality things to get noticed and surfers will like to visit again and again.
Online branding
Google SERP just loves the concept of online branding in the specific global industry. For doing so, you should definitely use content marketing strategies, catchy logo, beautiful web design and site optimization to win the trust and credibility of consumers.

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