Netbook are laying between Notebook and Tablet. Tablet is some what different from Notebook and Netbook.  Nevertheless new Tablets have almost same power as Netbook. Most of Netbook has 1.6GHz or below 2 GHz processor power. 1.6 or 1.8 GHz are more common. Selecting an OS   must satisfy it’s power other wise it work badly. If you buy a Windows 7 or Windows 8 Netbook , Keep that os because they are best. One of the thing is only windows has good driver and software support to reduce battery consumption. I have Ubuntu, windows 7 and Windows 8 . Both Windows os has Lenovo Energy management system that give me 4-5 hr battery life but i have 2-3 hr battery life in Ubuntu. Battery life is very crucial for Netbook , they are use for Internet surfing , chatting , Videos and Music ,Offfice work etc..

Selecting the OS for your net book is very important

– Battery life
– Permanence – because of Atom processor
– Software support – heavy software won’t work
– Heat

Best OS for Netbook

Windows 8 

Widows 8 is an upcoming OS and release in next month. Windows 8 is  powerful OS and need only less resource than Windows7 so we select. Metro/Modern desktop is good for Netbook and Notebook, we can browse , watch video from Metro desktop itself . Most of Windows OS’s  have energy management software , which developed by respective hardware manufactures it can give a better battery life.In addition to this  next level Atom processor will have better battery life for example  it will give 8-10 hr battery life than 3-4 hr of current versions.

Windows 8 need at least 12GB ( 20 GB recommended ) and 1 GB RAM for installation. Appearance reduced in Windows 8 so it don’t need high graphics support. The Intel HD 4000 is enough to carry Aero support.

So we select Windows 8 as first one
Home page:
Zorin OS 
Zorin OS is a new Linux OS based on Ubuntu.It  is getting  wide popularity because of it’s features and Windows like look.Unlike other Linux Zorin has Windows like appearance it is very good for users who used Windows for a long time.Other than this it is more bug free and stable specially for Netbooks and Notebooks. It has almost all features of Ubuntu plus it’s own unique features.

  • No risk of getting viruses
  • Much faster than Windows 7
  • An easy to use and familiar desktop
  • Customizable user interface thanks to our Look Changer
  • Stable as it is based on the robust Linux operating system
  • All the software you’ll ever need out of the box
  • Extremely versatile and customizable Open Source software
  • Available in over 55 languages
Home page : Zorin OS 
Joli OS 
Joli OS is a simple cloud base operating system for Netbooks. It is very simple and fast. Because of it’s cloud nature it has  lot of web apps.This OS is best for online usage  like Internet browsing , YouTube and other online activities.
Joli OS 
  • Designed around the beautiful Jolicloud user interface.
  • The only Linux-based OS that doesn’t need a tutorial.
  • The simplest OS install ever, works on 95% of the computers out of the box.
  • Makes viruses, malware and spyware a thing of the past.
  • Synchronized to the Jolicloud platform.
  • Comes with a curated list of 1,500 free apps.
  • One-click Dropbox integration.
  • Automatically updates your software, so you never have to worry about it.
  • Designed for the cloud but works great offline too.
  • A vibrant community of users supporting each other.
  • Entirely free.
Home page: Joli OS 
Linux Mint 
Linux Mint is a best suited OS for all your device . Cinnamon is used as default Interface. It is a fork of Gnome besides this it use Nemo , a fork of Nautilus. Like Ubuntu software center it has Linux Mint software center and have equal software’s. All most all Ubuntu software can install in Linux Mint. 
Requirements are almost similar but lesser . Other than this it has beautiful User Interface that make Linux mint unique . 
Home Page : Linux Mint  
Solus OS 
SolusOS is a modern Linux operating system based on the hugely popular Debian Linux distribution. It works out of the box with great support for all your modern day computing needs. You can enjoy all of the creature comforts of the modern desktop world on an incredibly light system, suitable for old and new computers.
Solus OS
Home Page: Solus 

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