Desktop recorder are essential for all bloggers , it will help us to make Tutorials and some How to videos’s .To make good videos we need good software’s. Some Desktop recorder’s are free but they didn’t have enough features. For example some free desktop recorder’s didn’t has Zoom /Pan options. Zoom option will help to zoom some important parts.It will more clear if we use Zoom options we can give important to some particular parts.

Many people make tutorials for various languages like Java , css ,PHP etc… most commonly they will use Sublime, Eclips , or some other developer tools , if we record screen entirely , people will find difficulty to read contents or text. In this situation Zooming will help. Here we list some good Screen recorder’s that has enough features.Most of them are not free but they are valuable for money.

1. BSR Screen  Recorder

One of the best screen recorder tool i ever seen. It has Zoom , 3D recording , Pan and Zooming of Text.

Free BSR Screen recorder
BSR Screen Recorder 

BSR Screen recorder is used to record video,audio from your computer it also used to take snapshots. We can record any part of the screen Entire screen , Windows , Particular parts , Following Mouse etc.. I like this recorder very much because it has 2D/3D recording with Zooming.

Output : Output is avi format , we need to install xvid codec to reduce size of the video , other wise it record as uncompressed video. For 2-3 minute size become more than 1GB or higher. So we advice to you to install xvid codec just after BSR Screen Recorder.

Features :

  • Good Quality 
  • 2D/3D Recording 
  • Zoom/Pan /Zoom text 

It can be used to record 

  • Desktop activities
  • Webcam videos
  • Videos playing on screen
  • Record videos from any video website such as YouTube
  • Games
  • Instant Messengers
  • Any software activity

Download : BSR Screen Recorder 
Type: Trial / Paid version
Read BSR Screen Recorder Review from 7chip

2. Demo Creator 

Demo creator is used to create tutorials , game recording , presentation  movies etc..It is also an efficient tool for professional works. This software didn’t has Zooming while recording but we can add Zoom option during editing. It will reduce quality while zooming.

It can capture mouse clicks ,Keyboard keys etc..It will also shows our activities for example when we double click on any folder it will show by text.

Demo Creator editng

Download : Demo creator 
Type: Trial / Paid version

3.CamStudio desktop recorder 

It is a free and open source desktop recorder for windows operating system.It can handle all basic needs like Full screen recording , Window recording and selection area recording. It is very small and easy to use

Type : Free
Download: CamStudio recorder 

4.Camtica desktop recorder 

Camtica is a efficient tool for creating professional screen recording , video tutorials and more.We can record both Webcam and Screen activities with audio. Like other screen recorder’s it can be used to record full desktop,window and particular area. It is not a free tool but it is good create professional videos.

Camtica desktop recorder 

Type: Trial /Paid 
Download : Camtica 


It is the most advanced PC desktop screen recorder and Game recording software.Bandicam will help you carry out a video record with high compression ratio, while keeping the video quality closer to the original work, and provides performance far superior to other programs that provide similar functions.


  • Ecording of WOW, Minecraft, Skyrim, and Windows programs
  • MPEG-1, Xvid and MJPEG video codec support
  • PCM and MPEG-1 Layer II audio codec support
  • AVI video format (.avi) support
  • MPEG-1 video codec VBR mode support
  • BMP, PNG and JPEG image format support
  • Continuous image capturing
Download : Bandicam 
Type : Unregistered and registered 
6.Free Screen Video recorder 
Free Screen Video Recorder is a compact, yet full-featured screen video recorder and screenshot capture tool that allows you to easily record screen activities and capture anything on the screen including windows, objects, menus, full screen and rectangular regions.
You can choose to save captures to file, clipboard or print them out directly from the program window.
Built-in editing tools include basic functions like resizing, cropping and rotating.
Free Screen Video Recorder saves video files as AVI and image files in BMP, JPEG, GIF, TGA or PNG formats.
Free Screen Video Recorder contains no spyware or adware. It’s clearly free and absolutely safe to install and run.

7. Record My Desktop 
It is a simple cross platform software for recording desktop activities .It is very light and efficient.Most of the Linux users support this software. It is one of the best software available for Linux ,if you are a windows user you can try other also.It is a simple software 
Type: Free

8. ScreenCoder 5 

ScreenCorder 5 captures and records all your desktop activity in minutes – ideal for creating training and support videos or powerful demonstrations!

Enhance recordings with step-by-step audio instructions and graphic speech bubbles.Easily correct audio and video or add new material to existing recordings. Adding one or more webcam (PIP) recordings will help you personalize your video. Assess your viewers understanding of your video material by inserting
SCORM-compliant quizzes. Export recordings to multiple video formats, including WMV and Flash!

Download : ScreenCoder5
Type: Trial /Paid 

9. My Screen Recorder 

My Screen Recorder Pro is a professional screen recording program that lets you record your PC screen activity to many popular video formats.  Any application that runs on your Windows PC can be recorded including the audio.  With a PC microphone, add your own audio narration as you demonstrate how to use a web site or explain a product concept.

My Screen Recorder Pro provides the ability to output your screen recordings to AVI, WMV, Flash, and MP4 formats.  When recording your PC activity to WMV format, play back the video on any Windows PC, which make distribution simple.  You can even create Flash files that are designed to be played on a website and presented to large audiences over the Internet.

Download: MyScreenRecorderPro
Type: Trial /Paid 

10.Action screen recorder 

It is mainly used to record Game play but desktop recording is also possible  , it support Intel graphic and Nvidia Graphics card.You can record your video even at 4k resolution ,but it will depend upon your screen size and performance. One most interesting feature is it’s Interface , User Interface is very much attractive and stunning.

Action screen recorder 

 “Action! allows real-time recording/capture of Windows Aero desktop in a superb HD video quality. With Action! you can record web player videos, your gameplay, display game framerates, add live audio commentary to create high quality tutorials, record music, capture screenshots… and more!”


  • Full HD recording 
  • Game play recording 
  • Nvidia Graphics support 
  • Good Graphical user Interface 

Download : Action Screen Recorder 
Type: Trial /Paid 

11. Camtasia

Powerful tool for Professional works. Size of this software is more than 200MB . It means it has lot of features compare with all above software.We didn’t download this software because it take 1.5- 2 hr to complete downloads.

According to the developer’s

More than a simple screen recorder, Camtasia gives you the tools you need to truly customize and edit your videos. Record on-screen activity, add imported media, create interactive content, and share high-quality, HD videos that your viewers can watch anytime, on nearly any device” .

Besides Recording it has editing tools to edit recorded videos.

Download : Camtasia Studion 
Type: Trial/Paid 

12. Stone Screen Recorder 

Stone Screen Recorder is a simple and efficient tool for desktop / screen recording. It support a number of output formats like FLV, WMV,MP4 and AVI. Quality is video is also good. We didn’t find any draw back but it didn’t has Zoom option. BSR Screen Recorder is the only one software support ZOOM and 3D recording .It can also record the DirectShow/DirectX applications, like the video playback inside Windows Media Player or some games.

Stone Screen Desktop recorder
Stone screen recorder 

Record option : Full screen / Region / Window or Application
Output format : flv, avi ,mp 4 and wmv
Audio recording : Yes

Download : Stone Screen Recorder 
Type : Trial / Paid 

13. SnowFox Screen Recorder 

SnowFox Screen Recorder is a powerful Video Screen Capture, Screen Recording tool for recording screen activity and recording sound from PC or microphone into standard  AVI, WMV, MP4, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, FLV, SWF video file.

SnowFox screen recorder 

With SnowFox Screen Recorder, you can record any part of the screen’s activities and the cursor’s movements, using a microphone to narrate your screen recordings. Use SnowFox Screen Recorder to create video demos, make software instruction, create training videos, make animated tutorials, record video tutorial, record any desktop activities, capture online video, and create voice-over presentation, etc.

Download: SnowFox Screen recorder
Type: Trial / Paid 

14.Ezvid Screen Recorder + YouTube uploader

Ezvid is not only a recorder but also a video editor. It also give options to upload video to YouTube.From image you can see Title area , description area and tags just like in YouTube . On the right bottom side you can see a upload to youtube button . After recording our video we can add audio or narration , besides this we can add Text before or after video.

It is not a simple software size is about 90+ MB. It seems to a free software.If you have Norton Antivirus software it will block ezvid software and remove . So we didn’t recommened even though developers said 100% malware free.

Download : [ Download in your own risk ]
Type : Free

15.Gilisoft Screen Recorder 

Simple and efficient software for screen recording. It is a small application but can record video in full screen , Region and Window mode.Quality of recording is also good , no lagging and delay. It has only one putput format , we can use other software’s like Miro to convert to other formats.

Download : Gillisoft Screen recorder  ( Find Screen recorder or Video recorder , It is available Video tool section )size 5MB
Type : Free

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