A lot of people that work in SEO know the value of guest posting for other blog sites. It is a good way to gte traffic to your site as well as help with your rankings. But what is most important is not just getting your blog onto a website, but also what you do after your post is published. Below is a list of what you need to do after submitting a post to make sure it gets its maximum benefit, and to make yourself a successful guest blogger.

Share Your Post

The first step in getting your blog post to its potential is the social engagement you give to your site. By sharing it on Facebook, Twitter, etc. you are getting the best out of your guest post. Also, if your friends and contacts share your article, you will get more views and traffic that will eventually drive back to your site.

Answer Comments

Answering comments is a very important role in the guest writing process. When someone comments on your blog posts, you should answer all questions and concerns that arise. This not only makes you more likeable and relatable as a blogger, but also makes you a trusted source as a guest blogger. This will get you more opportunities with the website as a writer, as well as giving you credibility.

Follow Up With the Blog

One thing that is always important after you get a blog post up is to follow up with the website. This is a good faith showing that you are happy with the results. You should thank the blog owners for letting you post. This again will help you get more writing opportunities with that website, as well as others. As well all know, the more you can write for a blog, the better off you are.

Jordan is a blogger out of North Carolina, currently writing for home security providers. He is married, and is an avid filmmaker and photographer.