Month: August 2012

How to Reduce File Size

There are many ways to reduce file sizes. This process of course may differ depending on the type of file that needs to be reduced and the available software to do so. This is because reducing a file may be done with making changes in the individual file or through compression. Reducing a file’s size requires compressing the file. Compression….

The Different Technologies That Deliver Phone Service, Television Service and Internet Service Around The Globe

In today’s world, it seems that bundling your services is the only way to save any money on your Internet, television and phone bills. While in the past there were different providers for each of these services, now nearly all providers of any of these three services also offer the rest. However, unlike the past where telephone companies provided the….

How to compress png image files upto 90%

PNG – Portable Network Graphics – is a high Quality format for Images.PNG is the output for most of the screen capture softwares. One of the problem with png format is it large size , Windows Snipping tools , Ubuntu screen shots default output is PNG,  but size is bigger , but we can reduce size with PNGGauntlet.PNGGauntlet is a….

How to manually hide secret messages in an Image

How to share secret messages between your friends.There are a lot of techniques available to hide your messages from others.One of the method is Hide secret messages within Pictures or Videos.Adding secret messages in an Image is simple , but  still it used for various purpose.Here we will explain how we can add secret messages on Picture/Images manually. Step 1 Open your Notepad….