List of Antivirus software for Ubuntu /Linux

Anti-virus software’s are very essential for day to day life.Linux is not free from cyber attacks. May be they are free from virus but in near future Linux virus will be create. Anyway that’s not our business , we know that  most of the big companies use Linux as there server , windows is slightly costlier than Linux and it is difficult to customize , sorry it can’t.So companies chose  Linux , easy to customize . Even though it is secure , hackers can destroy Linux servers. Early in this year we heard that many big companies user accounts were hacked , these companies has been using Linux servers This indicate that Linux is not free from Internet based attacks.

Linux and virus attacks

List of Linux antivirus software’s

1.Avira free Anti Virus for Linux ( 55 MB – tar format )

2.Avast Anti virus Linux Home Edition ( 27 MB )

All formats are available , deb ,rpm , tar gz 

3.Bitdefender Antivirus

4. Clam Anti virus software ( Read instructions )

5.Dr. Web Anti Virus software for Linux  (103 MB )

Download Dr. Web Anti virus software

6. F-PROT Linux Antivirus for Home Linux users (29.3 MB – Intel 32 bit )

7 .Norman End point protection for Linux ( 4.5 MB)

Download .sh file and execute it using Terminal

8.AVG antivirus for Linux ( All format available , deb ,sh ,rpm ,tar gz etcc..size : 106 MB)

AVG didn’t have User Interface , You can only scan system through Terminal

9.ESET 4 for Linux  ( 43 MB )

Not free , but can download download trial version

This list is not completed we will add soon…..

  • Andrew Handley

    As far as I've heard the first Linux virus of the year was discovered last week.

  • sibin xavier

    Replay @ Andrew Handley : Some of Linux Anti virus in the list are very old.That means they had found Linux virus early. Linux virus are not so popular like Windows virus but in next decade there will be more virus, because now a days Linux ( Ubuntu) has high demand

  • Jishnu

    Thank you for the review.But i don't think we are in need of an Antivirus software for Linux.Linux is a powerful OS and an user can secure his/her linux system without any security softwares

  • David Martin

    Your is the second article ( first was that given me an insight about antivirus software. Can you tell me which is the best to choose - a paid version or free antivirus software?

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