How to Reduce File Size

There are many ways to reduce file sizes. This process of course may differ depending on the type of file that needs to be reduced and the available software to do so. This is because reducing a file may be done with making changes in the individual file or through compression. Reducing a file’s size requires compressing the file. Compression is most commonly done through encoding, using tools such as WinRar. Through file archiving and subsequent compression, persons can send large files via email and other file sharing media without deleting any information from within the actual file itself. This would not have been possible outside of file reduction via compression.

WinRar is one of the most popular file compression tools that can be had free of cost via Internet download. WinRar archives files and compresses the data to make the files smaller in size. The software can also compress several different files so as allow for easy and file sharing of multiple files without taking up too much space.


1. Ensure your computer is connected to the Internet and open your web browser. Do a web search using a search engine such as Google and look for WinRar. After finding a suitable WinRar programme, download it. After the WinRar is successfully downloaded, go ahead and complete the installation process.
2. After downloading and successfully installing WinRar, open the programme to begin creating a .rar file. Create a new folder to insert the file(s) that you wish to make smaller. This is the folder that will be archived and then compressed.
3. Right-click the folder to be archived and select the “Add to Archive” option in the pop-up menu. Click the “Advanced” tab to set the security and compression parameters. Click the “Files” tab to include or exclude files in the archive. Persons wishing to backup files may do so using the options in the backup tab. After setting the parameters of the files to be compressed, return to the “General” tab.
4. In the General tab, scroll to the middle of the menu and select the file format (either .rar or .zip) and then click “OK”. At the end of compression, your .rar or .zip file will appear in the destination folder.
5. If you have received compressed .rar files, it is important to extract the files before they can be accessed. To extract the files, right-click on the file(s) and select “Extract here” from the pop-up menu. One can select extract files to choose a different location to extract the files to. After one has selected a location to extract the files, select “OK”. The files will be extracted to the location of your choice.


A free copy of Winrar is available for download and subsequent installation at
Persons who select the “Extract files” option should navigate through the side menus to select a location to send the files.