Internet is a big Encyclopedia , it has everything , like a big sea. Unlike our Text books  it provide video ,audio image and text , video and images are better than just reading a text , it stay in our mind for a long time. Spending in front of  computer for a long time is not good for our health.Radiation will create strain in eyes and also in Brain. Some of the radiation can penetrate via our skull  , it will make some mental disorder , not big but slight.So it is better to print information for reading, It is better than reading from computer. We have many tools available to print contents from Web browser. Some time we need only a simple portion , if we print full size it will increase our costs. Here we are talking about a Google chrome extension , which can print a particular part from website.

1. First Download Google chrome extension

2. Add to Chrome

Goto your Website then select an area , right click on mouse , then click on Print selection

Print it