Most of the mobile phones that are used today have the android operating system. It is a well known fact that android is a popular operating system that is used in the most exotic smartphones with excellent applications. Android Inc. is believed to have originally done the appreciable task of developing the specifications of the android operating system. Google later purchased the application and started using it in all their mobile phone brands. In short, we can say that any smartphone that makes use of the android operating system is called as an android mobile phone.

The distinct features of android mobile phones are that they have direct integration between the various features of email accounts, text messaging, capabilities of the phone, and so on. This ensures that a click of the screen can give you all these details at one go. Tracking of details of one single individual can be seen as one particular file. The best feature is that the android phones are customizable. More control is provided to the customers since this operating system is an open source one which helps manage the required functions. The computing power is so immense that people can carry it around in their pockets and handbags.

Spying on a given target phone is done at large today. This is due to the fact that people want to check the behavior and activities of their kids using mobiles. It is also used to check the activities of cheating spouses and business employees. Mobile spy is regarded as the best hybrid service that helps in monitoring a smartphone for its activities in real time.

There is abundance of value in the android phones which in turn increases the risk of it being stolen or lost. There are various features that can be used to locate your android mobile which is sure to be your priced possession. Tracking the android mobile activities can be done using the following features of a mobile monitoring app:

Call history check

The numbers dialed from the android mobile to other phones can be seen. Details of received calls can also be tracked. The call duration, time of call can help monitor the activity of the phone.

Text messaging 

Messages sent and received from the android mobile will be updated to your account if the software is installed. Even if the user of the mobile erases a message, it will still be available on your online account.

 Calendar events

This gives a clear image of the events that are to be attended or done. It gives information on the events taken place in the past and what is to be done in the present.

Internet tracking

Gives valuable information on the sites visited and also specifies the time spent on the particular website. Helps gain access to what the individual browses on a daily basis.

Video and Audio tracking

Complete information of the videos and photos captured and downloaded from online can be detected. The details of place and time of video or audio recordings can be received at a quick pace.

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Various such applications especially designed for android mobiles do the most difficult task of tracking and locating your android if it is lost. It provides immense security to the device and gives the owners full confidence of finding it if it is stolen. Hence, installing a Cell Phone Spy app on your smartphone is a good idea.

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