Truck Games are very interesting for who love heavy vehicles.There are many games available for Windows and Mac computer’s. These Games are also available in Android platform but Linux games are very rare.
Here are few Truck Game for Windows PC’s .

1. Scania Truck Driver stimulator

One of the best game for Windows PC’s. Scania truck game provide good Graphics and features.If you have Graphics cards you it will be a good experience.

Scania Truck Driver stimulator

Download Demo ( 500 MB/ 1.5 GB )

2.18 Wheels of Steel  Extreme Trucker 

Heavy Truck game , each vehicle loaded with heavy loads.It become hard core game for extreme truck lovers .

18 wheels of  Steel  Extreme truck

Download Demo ( 603 MB)

3. UK Truck Stimulator 

You can access many Handsome Trucks , UK trucks has very good look and more attractive.You need Graphics card for full features.

UK Truck Stimulator

Download Demo ( 384 MB)

4. Truck and Trailers

Trucks & Trailers puts your driving skills to the ultimate test with over 50 individual truck driving challenges. Choose from 7 available trucks, work with a wide variety of cargo.

Truck and Trailers

Download Demo ( 403 MB)

Download from Gameshell

5.Renault Truck racing

It is not a stimulating game , Renault Truck game is similar to F1 or MotoGP. Play and Win

Renault Truck game

Download Demo for Gameshell ( 384 MB)

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