Your blog or site title is going to be the main heading for your blog post that is going to attract users. It needs to be eye-catchy to attract the reader’s attention at the same time get recognized in search engines and get indexed for your targeted keyword. Doing both together is difficult and sometimes tricky. The title of your blog post article finally becomes turn up to be part of the article url. Though in wordpress you can edit the url but even if you do it you must include the main keyword in the url.

Use the keyword in the title and the picture filename – Including an image can help you rank in the search engines as well as help with image searches. Search engines look at two things here: the alt attribute and the file name. Your blog post should have a minimum post length of 300 words. 500-800 is a good target to shoot for Use it once in the first 50 words, and sprinkle a few variations throughout the rest of your post. Within the first 50 words you’ll want to include your main keyword once. If you main keyword is iPhone 5 screen specs you have to repeat it every 50-60 words. If that’s not practical, then add the keywords at least within the first 100 words.

For a comparatively shorter blog post, you can add your targeted keywords about 2-3 times in the entire blog post. While on a longer blog post, you can add the targeted keywords about 3-4 times. But never get too bothered about this, the main thing for blog visitors is readability of your article. If your main keyword is too long like NRI Investment India Stock Market, don’t bother to include the entire keyword in the same way. Use different combinations of the same keyword. Use sub headings with H2, H3 tags to break up your entire blog posts into 2 or 3 readable sections. It is best you include the main keywords in your H1, H2 and H3 heading. H1 heading in the main post title. Use links to the pages of the same blog to help explain key points – link to another article of the same topic on your site using a targeted anchor text on the link. This adds to your On Page SEO.

When linking to your site, use anchor text that includes the keyword you want your site ranking for – this is a great point to remember if you submit your articles to directories. And above all – give value to your reader. Good writers often include other links in their writing as well. It’s worth linking out to pages on the site which are relevant to your subject. If done correctly this increases the value to the reader. If overdone it makes a post incredibly hard to read. So keep it to no more than 2 or 3 internal links.

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