Always check whether you can save money on buying software online. Most software companies provide coupons at a rate of 15-50% and sometimes more. You just need to look for them. Sometimes you should choose few programs equal in functioning and buy the one with a coupon. Below you will find a few trusted services and ways to save money. And remember – never buy because you have found a discount – find discount for something that you really need. One of the largest software discounters. The site’s chip is that it provides software at substantial discounts, where each deal is available usually for one day only. On this resource you can found some very comprehensible discounts on a number of interesting software. It doesn’t process the sales; it just arranges the discounts and provides the links. You buy the program right from its vendor. Everything it features is a legal, current version of the product.
2. Great Universal discounter with a separate software category. It has a very positive moment – you can add your own discount, which is then promptly checked by moderators. On the site there is a considerable number of products from well known developers.
3. More than 50 positions. Good categorization of types and brands. There are both permanent and transitory positions. (products, item)
4. The service is relatively young, but it is spinning up. More than 34 positions. Good division on categories. The most interesting items are brought to the home page that greatly simplifies the search for you.
5.http :/ / Another service with a large number of positions divided on brands and categories. Top items are brought to the home page. It is also distinguished by the presence of exclusive discounts.

6.http :/ / discounter The software discounter with the possibility of software submission and coupon codes. They also have top position, and Editor’s Picks.
7.http :/ / This service stands apart from others since it is not a matter of discounts. Daily Online they post licensing programs that will be available for download free of charge within 24 hours. Not a demo version, a licensed registered version. Really worthy programs are rare today but they are not always the same.
8. Try open source alternatives. But there are nuances – as a rule such Software is less convenient (except for the most popular products), has a limited functional or does not have sufficient documentation. Often license agreement tells that such products should not be used for commercial use. You can spend significantly much more time to solve problems. But it’s worth a try. Just use the word Open Source in the search.
9. Find freeware. To be realistic – there is not really free things on the web. Especially for software. The “free” software usually contains adware, toolbar installers and other crapware. It’s legally, because the installation adware has been indicated in the license but we all know how carefully the license agreements are read. Of course, there are a lot of pleasant exceptions. Anyway – be aware. Sometimes you can just avoid installation of toolbars by disabling the checkboxes during the installation process, but in some cases you need to spend a lot of time digging deeply rooted adware from your system. Often the freeware is the limited version of the commercial program, and it serves to promote the full commercial version.

10. Another major universal software discounter with a separate category for the software. The site has a large database of coupons for a wide arrangement of online retailers. The majority of the coupons they list are verified and guaranteed to work, but they do list user-submitted coupons and promo code that may or may not work. Not very convenient because there is no division on categories.
11. Never buy so called “OEM software”, if you see Windows or Adobe products (usually – old versions) with approximately 60-80% off price or less – be sure it’s a scam.
12. When purchasing multiple licenses or expensive software with no coupon codes, always contact the vendor and ask about a discount. In addition to discounts, you will be able to realize how easy and effective communication and support a