Drawer is a new and Interesting application for Ubuntu/Linux Mint/Linux users.It is a funny software.What it  a “Drawer”?  You may have Tables in your Home ,each one have many Drawer’s ,you can store anything like Game CD’s,Files,Book in Drawer’s. Same way , Drawer is a software that can store Videos,Files,Musics,Text files,PDF’s  anything on your Unity Launcher.It create a shortcut for your files.Anytime you can access them without going it’s original Destination.

Developer says that “A utility for organizing related items for easy launching from the Unity dock. Drawers creates a launcher for the Unity panel that can contain any combination of files, applications, web links or directories. Just drop a file on the launcher or open drawer and it will be added. Left-clicking the launcher “opens a drawer” with an icon view of each item for launching. Right-clicking allows fast launching through quicklists.”

Check the Image below.It will explain more.

Drawer app for Ubuntu
Drawer app for Unity launcher

Ubuntu 12.04 is my  Drawer name
Shut Down button-It is used close your Drawer
Settings icon-For Preference and Settings

Left Mouse click-Click on Drawer icon on the Unity launcher to open your Drawer
Right Mouse click-To remove it from launcher.Also you can select your files

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How to Install Drawer 

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ian-berke/ppa-drawers

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install drawers


Download Debian package

After the installation restart your computer. Open your Unity Dash and Type “Drawer” and Find it .
Click on “Drawer” icon and open it. Create a Drawer and Give a name. Then you can see it on Unity Launcher . Drag and Drop item on it.

Drawer on Dash

It will very Helpful for you. Because you can use it anytime without going it original Destination. You can store your Frequently used files on it. You can store everything on it.

If you have any Questions or any doubt feel free to ask

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