5 Social Media Marketing Strategies To Drive More Targeted Traffic

Do you want to drive more targeted traffic to your blog?    

Social media marketing is what you should concentrate on. It’s important that you understand how social networks are fashioned.

This way, you can leverage on what technology has brought you and grow your blog. 

When I started online, social media wasn’t an integral part of my traffic generation. I soon realized that I was sabotaging myself.
Let’s look at the five social media marketing strategies that work.

1.      Know your audience

The first thing you must do is to know your audience. And how can you know them? That’s where market research comes in. For bloggers, we often conduct extensive market research to know what our target audience wants, and then create contents to address it.

Most people don’t know what their audience wants, and so they market blindly. No matter what social media network you’re using, understand who will receive your content or campaign and you’d have started off well.

Tweet at the right time

Twitter is one of the best social media networks out there. It’s actually a microblogging platform, which means that you need to build a real tribe and engage people. When people follow your account on Twitter, they’re asking you to send them exclusive insights afterwards.

It’s not a time to spam your followers with every affiliate offer, just to make some quick bucks. You’ve got to take it easy. The best strategy is to tweet at the right time. When your followers are logged in and active, your tweets will reach several people.

This can bring in hundreds of retweets and traffic to your blog, depending on how many people you’ve on you’ve following you. It all boils down to in-depth research. Study twitter to get firsthand information about followers.

3.      Build a fanpage

Have you created a facebook fanpage for your blog?

That’s the first step towards improving your Facebook shares and authority. Recently, I created a fanpage for my blog and it’s been amazing. How my fans respond and comment on my latest post makes me happy and kind of fulfilled.

Blogging is all about getting feedback (positive and negative). The negative feedback can help you make adjustments. The positive feedbacks would act as a motivator. So, go and build your facebook page today.

4.      Offer value to fans

How many times have you heard that value is what fans are craving for?

All right, there we go again: offer value to fans so that you can engage and encourage them. If someone has a problem and you’re unable to solve it, it means you’ve lost a potential customer for life. Don’t you think so?

Social media marketing can produce so many results if bloggers and online entrepreneurs can focus on adding value to what already exist.

For instance, rather than writing a free report to share with fans, why not create an informative video and tweet at the right time. You should realize that people respond and value helpful videos more than ordinary texts.
5.      Be consistent

Lastly, be consistent and you’d win. You may not achieve instant results with your tweets and facebook shares, but as you stay consistent and learn from experts, it can turn out good for you. No matter the business model you’re involved in, consistency always pay great dividends.

Work on increasing your fanbase. Oftentimes, the more people you’ve following you affects your social reach. So, get more twitter followers by adding value – that’s my advice to you.

How has social media benefited your business? Please share your comment below. See you ahead!

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