Month: July 2012

How Much Cost if Batman come to real World

Hello Friends Do you think how much cost when Super Heros come to real life? If it happened , it is very huge , below images will show you how much cost if Batman come to real World.  Batman total costIt is not a film production cost. Do you ever need Super Heros ?Comment here 

Drawers: Organize the Unity Dock on Ubuntu 12.10/12.04

Drawer is a new and Interesting application for Ubuntu/Linux Mint/Linux users.It is a funny software.What it  a “Drawer”?  You may have Tables in your Home ,each one have many Drawer’s ,you can store anything like Game CD’s,Files,Book in Drawer’s. Same way , Drawer is a software that can store Videos,Files,Musics,Text files,PDF’s  anything on your Unity Launcher.It create a shortcut for….

Android Jelly Beans 4.03 Transformation pack for Windows 7

Android is a most used Mobile Operating System in the current Mobile segment.It has around 56% of share.  This Transformation pack will transform your PC to  Android Jelly Bean look.Android Jelly Bean Transformation pack has a lot of new Widgets for Sound,Time,Docks,Google search. New Features -Android Jelly Bean Wallpaper-Android icon set-Start up screen-Login Screen-Mouse Pointer-Android Sounds-Android Jelly bean dock Android….

On Making A Good Choice Regarding An iPhone Repair Company

Man today is a technical animal. He is driven more by technology than by emotions. A night without a chat with your closest pal over the phone or the internet seems useless; going for a movie seems hectic, more so when you can download it and save it in your iPhone. This is the juncture where man is standing today…..

Rackmount drawers and rackmount shelves, the space saving solutions for server rooms

An ideal solution for space limited environments, rackmount drawers are widely used in server rooms, data centers and government applications. Using such drawers, servers are managed directly from the racks. The greatest advantage of such drawers is they save a lot of space as they do not require much space. These devices are made of heavy-duty steel and equipped with….

Top 10 Points to Hire a Reliable IT Support Company

Top 10 Points to Hire a Reliable IT Support Company Different IT companies are present in the markets worldwide, which serve their customer companies with quality IT equipment. Many companies hire the IT outsourcing companies in such a way that they save up the entire cost of the IT operations in their own IT departments and pay very less to….

How to Add Facebook Popup Like Box in Blogger blogs

Blogger is one of the oldest platform for bloggers but now WordPress handle big shares than blogspot.Many of professional bloggers migrate to WordPress for more controls and options.Wordpress blogs are hosted in dedicated servers so users have more control over there blogs.Thousand of beautiful themes and plugins are available on WordPress when we come to blogger this number is limited.One….

Using Keywords for SEO

Your blog or site title is going to be the main heading for your blog post that is going to attract users. It needs to be eye-catchy to attract the reader’s attention at the same time get recognized in search engines and get indexed for your targeted keyword. Doing both together is difficult and sometimes tricky. The title of your….

Best Torrent Downloader’s for Ubuntu/Linux Mint

We all might have heard of torrents which are really helpful to us in many ways ,thoguh its illegal.We can download Software , Movies ,games etc. without any cost.If torrents weren’t present 80% of the computers would be running on linux..Torrents increase the popularity of Windows and paid software’s.There are a number of software are available on Windows and Mac,but in Ubuntu/Linux….