How to Install Limbo Game on Ubuntu and Other Linux OS’s

Limbo is a interesting puzzle game which have monochromatic scenes.It is very new to us.Anyway it is a nice game but funny.I have played only a Demo version [No money to buy a  full version].I had downloaded it on Windows.Some people only have Linux OS on there PC,big fans of Linux and criticizers of Windows.We write this post to that kind of People who love only Linux.Windows apps and Games can install in Linux  with the help of Wine software.But here we used PlayOnLinux software which is similar to Wine[Wine used in PalyON LInux].We can install apps and Games as in Windows.To Play Limbo on Ubuntu and other Linux Distros ,first you should download and install PlayOnLinux software.

Limbo Game

How to Install and Play Limbo on Ubuntu /Other Linux Distros 

Install PlayONLinux

You can simply use Ubuntu Software Center to install PlayOnLinus,just type ‘PlayONLinux’ in the search bar.Size of this file around 220MB.

After the installation.Download Limbo game

Download Limbo Game

Limbo Demo

Right click on Limbo.exe file and install using wine windows program loader.PlayONLInux contain Wine software.There is no need to download wine software.It is already available in PlayOnLinux.

Limbo Game in Ubuntu
Limbo Game in 

After Limbo installation ,goto Dash and Type Limbo.Click on the Limbo icon and start playing

Play Limbo Game in Ubuntu
Limbo Game in Ubuntu

Play and Enjoy Game

For more Details watch this Video.

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