Most of the Manufactures have Energy Management software’s for Windows Operating System.I have a Lenovo Laptop which give a 5 hr battery backup with the help of Lenovo Energy saving software.But On Ubuntu Operating system i had been getting only less than 1.30 hr battery life.So i had   been trying to get solution.Later i heard about a software called Jupiter ,an Energy management tool used in Fubuntu and Ubuntu OS’s.This doesn’t give 100% result but it improve your battery life.Installation is not difficult if you are a Ubuntu geek just follow your method.I used a simple method to install Jupiter in my Computer.

Developer’s website 

Jupiter in 

How to Install

Open Terminal and enter these codes

Jupiter Installation steps
Jupiter installation step -Power saving software on Linux

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/jupiter
sudo password:

Enter your password


Then you will get a message

Press Enter to install and Esc for cancel.Press Enter

Open your Dash and type Jupiter

Second method is also a simple method 

Click on this link

Download jupiter Deb file
Download Jupiter deb file

Then goto 


Download latest Deb file 

Download it 

Click on that deb file

Then it will opened with software center.Click on Install 

Jupiter Settings
Jupiter Settings

In Jupiter you can see many settings

Performance:Power Saving will improve your Battery life other two options are for High Performance,which utilize more Battery power.

Device :We can save Battery life by switching off various hardware’s like Bluetooth ,WiFi etc…WiFi and Bluetooth used a particular amount power when they are enabled.Disable option  will save battery life

Other options are for screen resolutions and Display.

We hope that Battery life will improved 3-5% than previous state