“I’m tired of investing money into a project that will not yield better results.”

“I’m looking for ways to make money online with zero investment.”

How do I get started and what special skills do I need to succeed?

If the above sounds like what you want, I’m here to show you the 3 effective ways to make money online – just keep your money in the bank and invest your time. 

Yes, if you don’t have money to invest, you should have time. Let’s get started immediately.

  • 1.    AdSense PPC

For beginners, intermediates and even experts, AdSense has been a good source of income for all. I still receive my AdSense checks from Google every month. If you’ve a website or blog that receives a handful of traffic, you can monetize the pages and show ads from Google. 

You’ll earn a percentage of the total fee paid by advertisers. Since the program is managed by Google, you can be rest assured of prompt payment.

But take be careful not to click the ads on your blog. Google has special settings and can detect fraudulent clicks. Consistently drive targeted traffic to these pages and that’s all. By month end, Google will collate the entire clicks, track the valid ones and send you a paycheck. Isn’t it wonderful?

  • 2.    Affiliate Marketing

Another free way to start making money online is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is simply the middle man’s business. You’re not the product owner, and so you don’t have to deliver any product. When there are issues, no consumer or buyer is going to disturb or threaten you.

As an affiliate, your primary duty is to refer targeted prospects and buyers to merchant’s website. If they buy a product or service through your affiliate link (customized with your id), you earn a commission. 

Several of the third-party affiliate networks have decent commission structure. Clickbank is the #1 affiliate network and pays up to 50% when you referred a valid sale.

  • 3.    Freelance Writing

Freelance writing business is free, but it takes someone who knows how to write to make significant income with it. Although, you don’t need any academic qualifications or a degree in English to become a good freelance writer. But you do need to write simple and easy to comprehend articles and copies.

Most of my friends are making a living online writing for clients. The demand for quality and well-written contents is hot right now. You can’t starve if you know the pros and cons of landing a paying gig. Get ready for an influx of paying clients. 

Get a blog to showcase your expertise and writing samples. That’s the easiest way to prove your worth and how proactive you’re.

You Can Make Money

There you’ve it, the three effective ways to make money online with zero investment. However, when the money starts rolling in, ensure you put a part of it into your business to further expand and make more money. 

Get a good web hosting account and start building an email list – All these would cost you extra $20/month, but it’s worth your every ounce. Take action today and change your financial life. See you at the top!

About the Author: Michael Chibuzor is a business coach and tech blogger. If you want to see the latest htc phones, visit his android tablet blog. Learn how to care for your mobile devices.