Social Media – Negative And Positive Impacts
Social networking portals and social media are taking the World Wide Web by storm. Social media sites are exceedingly useful and serve as an exceptional platform to interact with family members, friends or meeting new people and friends over the Internet. These social media portals are technologically advanced web interfaces that are offering various different services related to exchange of content via different mediums such as email, short-messaging services, and chat options. In spite of the increasing popularity, social media portals are also faces the threats and risks of hacking.
Risks & Threats
However, people find these social media portals useful for retaining ties; it is exposed to various different threats. As social media comprises of personal information, the users need to be exceedingly careful while they are mentioning their confidential and private information to such portals. Although some of the leading social networking portals such as Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, Orkut, Facebook and many others are exceedingly popular among online users,  but they also face such threats who are oblivious to the safe Web practices. It is always advised not to give out your confidential information especially passwords and credit card numbers, too much sharing of information can turn out to be counter-productive. Moreover, you should also not reveal your traveling plans on any of these social media portals, all such hackers with malicious intentions may intend to commit robbery in your apartment!
Privacy Concerns
For this reason, you are required to come up with privacy concerns and they are of extreme importance when it comes to social networking sites. As a matter of fact, these social media sites provide users with an opportunity to come up with inter-personal relationships, as a user, you need to be aware of the possible security and safety threats. Most of the times, students normally post specific and detailed information on portals such as MySpace, Friendster, Facebook and many others, and as a result they can be easily tracked by such people who hold bad intensions and even acquaintances!
Violating The Policies
Sometimes, users also violate the code of conduct or policies by posting inappropriate information or photos on their social networking portals, so they are held accountable if any issues arise for further investigations. Another disadvantage here is that users are normally turned down job offers as of their information their prospective employers find out via their social networking profiles. The inappropriate information or photos posted over their profiles portray them as unethical and immoral as it depicts the reflection of their character!
The Good Side!
Keeping aside the risks and threats associated to these social media sites, it turns out to be a good approach to communicate with your family members and friends, and also make new connections with similar goals, interests and tastes. You should be thankful to these social media portals, as often meeting individuals personally has now become a thing of a past. Therefore, you need to stay connected with your colleagues and classmates, and this is one of the most imperative advantages related to social networking portals!
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